Cilicia Capital is an independent investment company. It was founded in 2013 by professionals with expertise drawn from the experience acquired at leading international and Russian financial institutions. Our mission is to help businesses launch profitable and scalable projects by forming financial syndicates of private and bank capital. We bring together private and institutional funds and the world of business.

Our clients reach new business heights, build a shared vision of short-term and strategic goals among key stakeholders, and achieve good levels of financial transparency and discipline.    

We are looking to invest in scalable and profitable projects all over the world.

Our current investment portfolio is focused on two main areas: commercial and residential real estate in Russia and CIS countries and crossboarder IT-companies operating.

Apart from investment activities and fundraising, we also provide our partners with legal and financial advice on how to structure their assets and transactions, as well as help them effectively mediate conflicts.

Our services

Investment banking services

  • Investment analysis and financial modeling of business project
  • Investment transactions and partnerships structurin
  • Creation of investment funds and other financial instruments to open access to capital market
  • Structuring of private-public partnership projects, bonded loans, and other capital market instruments

Managing portfolio companies

  • Development of commercial, financial and tax strategies
  • Financial management system design and implementation
  • Budgeting and financial monitoring
  • Development of strategic alliances

Other services

  • Assets structuring and succession planning
  • Conflict resolution and mediation
  • Other services to address specific customer needs