Our principles

Highest ethical standards

We are guided by integrity, honesty, and confidentiality in everything we do. We are committed to safeguarding our reputation as a reliable and trustworthy company.


We are completely open with our clients. We do our best to avoid any conflicts of interest, as well as to support constant knowledge and expertise sharing.

Deep understanding

We fully immerse ourselves in our clients’ world to manage both the big picture and the minute details with equal care. As a result, we are able to foresee their needs and find ways to utilize the potential of their existing resources.


We walk our clients through a decision-making process, ensuring that each important step is clear and understandable. Such step-by-step guidance helps implement solutions smoothly.

Result orientation

We put our clients’ interests above all others and are striving to develop long-lasting partnerships based on mutual trust. We adapt to each client so that Cilicia Capital’s performance fee is closely tied to their actual additional income or capitalization growth of managed assets.